Critical Skills
For the Digital Workplace

Attributes employers seek on a candidate's resume1

  •  76.6%

    Communication Skills

  •  76%


  •  73.1%

    Analytic/quantitative skills

  •  72%

    Strong work ethic

  •  71.4%

    Ability to work in a team

  •  70.3%

    Problem-solving skills

  •  68.6%


Most important job skills/qualities according to employer rankings1
(listed from most to least important)

  1. Work in a team
  2. Make decisions & solve problems
  3. Plan, organize & prioritize work
  4. Verbally communicate with persons inside and outside the organization
  5. Obtain and process information
  6. Analyze quantitative data

Bridging the digital skills gap

Students graduating from the Digital Technology and Cultures B.A. will gain the advanced digital skills they need to compete and thrive in the 21st-century workplace.

Jobs requiring advanced digital skills offer 38% higher wages.2



Digitally intensive jobs are growing at a rate 2.5x faster than non-digital jobs.2

Digital Jobs 
Non-Digital Jobs 

Possible Careers

Digital Technology and Cultures graduates are prepared for a variety of careers and will possess the ability to make the most of the evolving career landscape. Graduates are also well-positioned to continue their studies in graduate school at many respected universities.

  • Social Media Manager
  • Web Developer
  • Web Content Manager
  • Web Producer
  • Data Analyst
  • Internet Marketer
  • Editing and Publishing
  • Technical Writer
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Multimedia Developer

Developing T-Shaped skill sets

Employers today seek "T-Shaped" candidates—people who possess the skills gained in a liberal arts degree as well as expertise in a highly demanded skill. 3

Schematic of t-shaped skill set.


  1. Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers—Job Outlook, 2014
  2. Burning Glass Technologies. Digital Skills Gap. March 2015.
  3. Educational Advisory Board. Second Bachelor's Degrees for Career Starters. 2014.


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